Please add CalmWin to the apps database

Please add the ClamWin Free Antivirus `s updater to your application database.

You can go to Settings>Hips Application Control>General and near the bottom of the window it says “Automatically submit files that are queued for submission”.

There is a button next to it that says Submit file… Click on that and another window will come up.

Click the Add button and it will let you search for the file.

Once you choose the file it will be listed in the window. Check the checkbox and click on the Submit button. It should send it to Comodo.

Hope this helps


Version 3 isn’t out yet, Jasper (:WAV). There’s no HIPS in the FW yet. You must mean Security > Tasks > Send files to COMODO for analysis.

Ooops! Was thinking of CAVS and not the firewall. :o