please add abitilty to remove referrer

kindly add an ability to block CD sending referrer information ,as at times it is a privacy threat

Dragon (Chromium) already has that ability. :slight_smile:;msg367934#msg367934

I am an average computer user i want this in GUI for ease :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be nice. :slight_smile:

The easiest way to enable it now, is to edit the shortcut to Dragon. In Target, add -no-referrers.

My Target, for example:

C:\Program\COMODO\Dragon\dragon.exe -no-referrers

Have you tried Incognito mode?

You can also use the NOREF extension which adds rel=norefferer to hyperlinks.

hi ,
i tried that extension but that is not so cool >:-D

In Opera you can disable referrer logging.

i am using opera :wink:

what is referrer and what does blocking referrer do?

what are the pros and cons to blocking referrer?

is blocking referrer and disabling referrer logging the same thing, just 2 different ways to say the same thing?

If you click a hyperlink on a website, the site you are taken to is able to see which site you came from. In other words, who referred you to their site. Much like Cookies, many view this as a privacy violation.

I really haven’t encountered many issues with disabling the referrer headers, although some sites use them for inter-site navigation if they don’t want hot-linking to portions of their website. There are also sites (such as that doesn’t allow hot-linking to their images, so if you block the referrer, you will not be able to see any images on the site.

For these reasons, I prefer to use an extension that allows you to whitelist sites that do this rather than a blanket referrer disable. I use NoRef in Dragon, and RefControl in Firefox. RefControl is a little more configurable than NoRef. It allows you to block or forge the referrer headers. In RefControl, I generally set the headers for unknown sites to add their own site as the referrer. This makes is a very rare instance that I have problems with sites that rely on their own headers for site navigation.

why not just intergrate the functionality but make the behavior of the functionality configurable. for example make it to where the user can manually go somewhere in the settings of the browser and add whitelist or make it interactive like noscript. everytime you visit a new site you get a little popup at the bottom like noscript and can whitelist, blacklist or ignore or configure it to behave however noref or refcontrol does or is this not possible yet

Added in the latest version:

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