Playstation 3 (PS3) Setup Help !!

Hi, I’m new to this firewall I changed over from ZA since their free version did not let me use internet connection sharing “THANKS FOR LETTING ME USE THAT”

Anyway, I’ve been looking all over for info on how to set this thing up so that I can fully use the Ps3.

My setup is like this pretty much.

PPPoE DSL Connection ( Modem connected to HUB UPLINK )
PC is set to go online direct ( Connected to the HUB )
Ps3 is set to connect through the PC (Also Connected to the HUB )

Standard IPs PC is , Ps3 is

Now for the problem when I run the connection test on the Ps3 it can connect to the PC it can connect to the internet and it can connect to the PSN Network…At least it says it can, But it shows that my NAT TYPE is a 3 and that will not let voice chat and things like that work as far as I know I need my NAT TYPE to be 2 thats what it is when I shut off the Firewall and everything works just fine…So what do I need to do to set this thing up so it all can work without me needing to shut off the firewall.

  • Thanks

*** Update ***

Thanks anyway but it seems to be working, I read the test thing wrong it said that a Nat Type 3 “May” make things like voice chat not work, I was thinking I had to have it on something else or it would not work, But I went on and it seems ok text and voice chat are working fine.


Glad it’s working after all, and welcome to the forums!

If you don’t mind, for the benefit of other PS3 users, would you provide some details of how you configured CFP to work with ICS & PS3?



O ok, Sure thing…I’ll try to type something up here now and post it in a while.

That’d be great, thanks! Doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just something that gives the steps you took and settings/rules you made. That’ll help others out a lot, I’m sure.


NOTE: The Internet and LAN settings for this can be done with the windows connection wizards just set up your type of internet connection set the PC to connect to the internet direct and let others connect through it I think it even sets up the LAN IP to the same one I use by default the only thing is after you set it all up reboot and then go back to the connections and turn off the windows firewall, The wizards always seem to want to enable them even if you say not to……Other then that windows is pretty good about setting things up right.

Also if you setup your Ps3 and PC connections before installing the COMODO firewall and let it detect everything it is pretty good and will set up almost all the stuff you need all you have to do is make the trusted zone as far as I know………But there are things I still like to turn off or change from its default setup since I do not need them.


1-LAN Card / Linksys PCI Card
1-Five Port Network HUB
1-ADSL Modem
3-Ethernet Cables


Modem On and plugged into the HUBs Uplink Port. ( Port 5 is not usable when something is plugged into the uplink port, This is the case with a lot of HUBs they tend to shut off one of the ports )

PC Plugged into HUB port 1
Ps3 Plugged into HUB port 2


PC-Windows XP Home / With All Current Critical Updates
Ps3- With Firmware Version 1.90 As Of Typing This ( 8.3.07 )
Firewall- Comodo Firewall Pro v3
AntiVirus- Comodo AV v2 BETA ( Not really needed, Just in case your AV is doing something to mess it up this is what I have in now )


(Windows XP) Network Connections Settings

Protocol- TCP/IP
DNS Info- Left Blank

PPPoE Connection

Under Advanced Tab
Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection (Checked) This is needed

Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet (Checked) This is just for ease since my connection is not always on it needs to be started and this will let it start automatically when the Ps3 needs to go online, I just set it to disconnect after it is idle for a little while 5-10 mins.

Allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection (Not Checked) This has to do with sharing the connection with another windows PC its not needed for this.


Wired Connection
Default Router-
Primary DNS-


I’ll try to walk through this as complete as a can, Don’t worry its not crazy or nothing.

Start by clicking the security tab at the top.

Click Tasks

Click Add/Remove/Modify a Zone

Click your “LAN network adapter” not the one your internet connection uses Windows XP separates your LAN from your Internet even if it is the same card Comodo seems to understand this since my internet adapter is not even shown in the list, Select your adapter then click add.
IE. My internet adapter shows up as “WAN Mini Port (PPPoE)” and my LAN shows up as “Winbond Bunch of numbers”

Enter what ever name you like for this Zone, For start range enter and for end range enter then click OK.

I set it like this to prevent someone spoofing an IP like to get onto my trusted side but if you have more then just your Ps3 on the network you will need to set the end range high enough to allow those systems access they need or you could just make a separate zone for them.

Application Monitor is ON

Component Monitor is in Learn Mode

Network Monitor is ON and set as follows.

0-Allow-IP OUT-ANY-Ps3 Zone-ANY
1-Allow-IP IN-Ps3 Zone-ANY-ANY

Under Advanced

Application Behavior Analysis is OFF ( Not needed for my system and was using to much CPU, Slowing down Internet Browsing to much )

Advanced Attack Protection Prevention

Every thing is pretty much default I changed only a few things from the default setup it had, I do not fully understand how this part works just yet so I set it up wrong most likely LoL.

TCP and UDP traffic rates are set to 500 from 50, I did this after watching the network traffic while playing on the Ps3 and seen it was up words of 400 packets a sec and I set this to make sure that I was not losing data meant for the Ps3……However it does not seem to effect the network in any noticeable way as of yet so I’ll have to get more info on that.

Under Misc. Tab in AAPP

Everything except block fragmented IP datagram’s is unchecked they are all just other monitoring services and are not needed for me plus they may slow down my data and make more lag then normal for Ps3 gaming, The block all outgoing connections while booting is not needed for me since my internet is manually started unless the Ps3 starts it so you won’t really need this unless you have an always on connection to the internet.

Miscellaneous Settings

Enable Alerts (Checked)
Do not show alerts for apps certified by COMODO (Checked)
Skip Loopback UDP (Checked)
Skip Loopback TCP (Unchecked)

Alert Frequency Level ( VERY LOW ) You can set this how ever you like this way it will only ask you if you would like to let a program go online but it will then have all the access it needs and you won’t get alerts for every type of connection it tries to make, If you don’t trust a certain part of a program don’t let it go online in the first place so this is fine for me as I will not let anything I do not trust access the internet to begin with.

The last setting I have checked is the protect reg keys and files from modification.

I shut off auto updates since I always check for updates manual and I don’t want the PC trying to use internet bandwidth while I’m playing games online.

-The End

So if I didn’t miss anything, With this setup everything seems to work just fine, I can access the PSN to log in, I can go to the Playstation Store and download things, I can send and receive messages, I can play games online and still hear Voice Chat and send and receive text in game, And I can use the Ps3 internet browser to visit web sites. Also the PC seems to work fine as well I can browse send and receive e-mail and I was just playing Digital PaintBall 2 the other day that I downloaded from sourceforge, as well as using messenger’s.

Man, that’s great! You put a lot of work into that… thanks! This should be a big benefit to all PS3 users.