PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS BattlEye Launcher blocks guard32.dll & guard64.dll

Just reporting that PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS BattlEye Launcher informs me that it’s blocking guard32.dll & guard64.dll which AFAIK are CIS components:

CIS has no problem with it and the game works just fine, so I dunno if this is important or not… (:NRD)

Hi Shoonay,

Can you please share the SHA1 of file? We will check behavior, just in case.


Looks like normal behavior. DLL injection or hooking is blocked. Sometimes game vendors block files from being injected to prevent cheating. For example, users were auto-banned due to security apps (eg Anti-virus) and such methods prevent those unwanted cases.

Yeah, it’s probably normal behaviour, Arma 3 checked exe injections for cheats too per example, but I wouldn’t want to CIS think it’s abnormal in the future and don’t know if anyone reported it yet.

BattlEye folder 7zipped and attached.