Plato's five regimes's_five_regimes

Before it’s way too late.

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Interesting. Knowing that Wikipedia could be vandalized makes me think even deeper on the content of that page when I read it. Especially from words as “…then degenerates into democracy…The democratic man takes great interest in all the things he can buy…” That in contrast to the “…philosophers-kings…who are forbidden from owning property…”. The reading shows a big difference in the outcome from dialectics in classical philosophy to that of historical materialism from the Marxist dialectics. I will have to go to the source and read Plato’s Republic.
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Here: Πολιτεία :slight_smile:

It’s all Greek to me.
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Actually, if you do want to read it (English),

Maybe, on Πολιτεία, you did not notice the links:

But since graciliano wanted to go to the source, that was what I posted. :slight_smile:

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Well, thanks to all of you “rather few ones” out there who obviously have been and / or still are showing some kind of interest regarding this very (even if somewhat “unusual”) topic.

Maybe there’s still something like “good ol’ hope” existing somewhere out there? Maybe I’m hoping (so). Anyway, “good ol’ hope” can never live without a heavy dose of questioning.
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