Planned scan not running

I read the other thread about the same issue.
I looked in the logs. Empty - see image 1 (altough it has run a few times manually
Settings of my scans:
Items - nothing is selected. I have selected “entire computer” several times - closed with OK but it is deselected every time.
see image 2
Schedule - see image 3 I have unchecked run when pc is idle.
On image 4 you see the last scan ran on may 30th. I launched it manually then.

I think the problem lies with the Items.

There is nothing wrong with the scan profile it does run you need to check the Task section of the log and you can open CIS own task manager to see any running tasks such as a scheduled AV scan. The anti-virus log will only indicate when something is detected, not if the scan result is clean.

Sorry - I got no notification of your reply although my settings are to get them.

There is nothing wrong with the scan profile it does run you need to check the Task section of the log and you can open CIS own task manager to see any running tasks such as a scheduled AV scan.
I do not know where to look but. As shown in first post see image : In settings it says last scan ran on june 9th (I started it manually then) And I also found this info in General tasks /scan (image )

Scan should have run on june 13th!!!

Also : I now let scan run while I am using pc - so I should hear it start (my fan starts to work and pc slows down)

I am quite sure that no scan ran and Comodo tells me so on 2 different places!!!

No answer?

To see if a scheduled scan has been run you need to check the Tasks log in the Logs window.

OK I found what you guys are talking about:
You go to Logs - then you have to change “show” (events summary is default) into tasks and then you have to change the dates. I join a picture of what you see then : last scan 19/5
That is exactly the same as what I see when I open tasks > scan, which I have told you from the beginning.(see screenshot joined)
Look at my previous posts and screenshot - what I see there is indeed the last scan and the scans that should have run automaticaly did not run!!!I

So could we please tackle that issue?

Note : I also tried to join the log (it has an html extension) but the forum is not accepting it.
BUT : there is one problem here:
On 18/6 - due to issues after Windows Update I had to return to an Acronis Image I made on 24/5. In previous posts I am speaking of a scan on 9/6. This is not showing anymore (not where I look and not where you tell me to look) because of the return to the image.

At this moment I have started a manual scan by mistake and have stopped it.
I now will set automatic scanning to each wednesday at 20:00 and see tomorrow if it ran.
I will make screenshots of my settings and post them in a next reply.

So I am trying to set an automatic scan at 20:00 this evening:
First image is where I edit Full scan.On the page Items I cannot do anything. If I check something the check is gone when I return there. Also I cannot remove anything there:
Profile /Entire Computer /Memory : Entire computer would be enough
I did not change anything in Options
Schedule - see image

The scan did not run.
I join a screenshot.
The 2 Scans you see there were 2 scans I started by mistake and aborted (is this why there is a code?)

SO - as the title of my thread says PLANNED SCAN IS NOT RUNNING

I tried on my system. I set the scan to run several minutes later. The first scan didn’t run the second did. I don’t know why it differs.

Do you happen to have the OS time in 24hr format? I think because the schedule is created using a different format than the system date/time format it doesn’t trigger. Which language did you set the CIS interface under general settings > user interface > language? It is an old issue where the date and time format is independent from the OS set format.

My OS is set to 24 hr time format. The interface of CIS is set to US-English. Windows is using US-English interface with region and regional format set to Netherlands/Dutch.

Sorry - I never get notifications of answers. I have set a reminder in my outlook agenda to come and look here now and then.
Are you the Eric from the Dutch translation? I have done translations after you.
My OS is set to 24h also. Cis interface is US english too.

More information :
I have posted about 2 issues previously:;msg885069#msg885069
I had high cpu usage on monday around 10:47. This was the Comodo scan planned on sunday night. (it was the default setting - had never changed that). As I always close down the laptop in the evening the scan ran later (maybe when I was not using the pc for a while)
I changed the settings then to scan in the evening around 20:00.

I also started a thread on feb 27th:;msg885626#msg885626
Seems I had issues with an update then.
The last post says that my logs will be inspected.

Could something have happened then???

Maybe I had best re-install Comodo?

I never made Dutch translations but I am from The Netherlands. Ronnie did that until he retired as a moderator.

You could always try reinstalling. Don’t forget to export your active configuration to a folder outside the CIS installation folders. You can import and activate it in the clean installed CIS. If you are reinstalling could you see if the problem happens again with both the imported and default configurations?

I re-installed Comodo.
Had t change default setting because default is midnight and I close down the laptop.
Automatic scan was set at thursday 19h59. It started then. But it was very slow : after 1h11 only 7% done.
In all it seems to have taken 2hours (stopped at 22:)
I was not using the pc.
Could this be because it was the first scan? Hope so.
Next scan is Sunday. Will see how long that takes.

I have another issue with detected malware - will make separate post