Melih congratulations on Comodo’s Partnership with PKware. When I started computing they were the creators of .zip and the primary compression program used. I used it and .arj the most.

But Melih I would think that those businesses that Comodo Partners with should have a Home Page that works with the Verification Engine and possibly User Trust. PKWare did not and I wonder how many other partners coiuld be added to the VE list?

Only the prominent ones are posted here, but I am sure there are many Partners websites that a computer search could send over to the V.E. team for inclusion.


Thanks for that Uncle Doug

I have passed this to our guys to see what they can do with PKWARE…



And don’t forget to have them check all of Comodo’s Partners web sites !

There should be an easy way to use software to excract the names and then individuals would need to manually check each one by one and then have them added to V.E.