I guess My question is determined not really new. But, whats about with PIWIK?

This advice is taken from the PIWIK Forum - I have created a file in the rules directory called 32_PIWIK.conf:

[i]In the custom rule file, add following lines:

Allow Piwik queries

SecRule REQUEST_FILENAME “^/path_to_your_piwik_dir/piwik.php$” id:99998,log,phase:2,chain,allow
SecRule ARGS_NAMES “^action_name$”

SecRule REQUEST_FILENAME “^/path_to_your_piwik_dir/index.php$” id:99999,log,phase:2,chain,allow
SecRule ARGS_NAMES “^module$”.[/i]

I get no error messages in debug.log, but also no visits hits in PIWIK Dashboard.

Thanks in advance

Hi Mike

Please try to visit PIWIK Dashboard yourself to check if it works correctly.
As far as I know COMODO rules have no issues with it.

Regards, Oleg

Did you ever get Piwik to work?

I am currently having the same issue and nothing I try works.


Please check mod_security audit logs to reveal what rules are triggering by PIWIK requests.
Also check your firewall software to be sure PIWIK is not blocked by it.

Best regards, Oleg

Solved my issue.

I am using the code on WHMCS and I didn’t add the literal tags :embarassed: