Pinned in taskbar, but opens in new button

I have Dragon (portable) pinned in my taskbar. When I click to open Dragon, it opens in a new button (icon) at the end of all my pinned items. This is a Dragon issue, because I have Chrome pinned as well, and it opens the program in the pinned button. I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

I’ve attached an image of what I’m talking about. The top one shows the browser unopened, and the bottom one shows when I opened Dragon and IceDragon.

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Do you have more than one user profile in Dragon?

Thank you.

No I don’t. I am also the only person who uses this computer and have all my data under 1 Google account, so no need to have 2 accounts signed in.

I forgot to mention. If I have that pin at the very end of the taskbar, it will come up in that pin and not create a new one.


Can you try to unpin Dragon from the Taskbar then pin it back?

Thank you.

I have tried that as well. At first it looks like the program will start in it’s pinned spot because I see the icon going blank, but then it opens a new icon.

I just did an uninstall and reinstall of the entire program. I pinned the program, closed it, clicked the pin and it appeared in it’s spot as it should. But when I closed and opened it again, it opened the pin at the end again.

Hi pete_cf,
Have you previously had a portable Dragon?

Unpin Dragon from the task-bar then go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar and see if all entries for Dragon are removed from that location, if not delete any Dragon entries.
Now go Windows Start menu, all programs, Comodo, Dragon, and re-pin Comodo Dragon from there then try again.

Maybe I should have mentioned this is a portable install. Yes I have done those steps, no luck.

I’ve done a search online for this problem, but can’t seem to find any similar issues, so I’ll assume it’s the taskbar and something in Dragon that don’t mesh. Considering I also have a portable version of Chrome, and it doesn’t do this, it must be some editing that was done to the browser on Comodo’s end.

Hi pete_cf,
Portable applications can act differently with Win 7.
As a possible work around, open Dragon, pin it, close Dragon, right click to open the shortcut properties and in the Start in field remove everything except for the Drive location, apply/OK, then try again.

Please disregard the above work around as opening Dragon a second time even with the altered shortcut the issue returns, sorry.

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lol… it’s ok. The effort is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

i have same problem

already test delete current profile
unpinned and pin again

it happen if i lock my pc

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I recently did a computer format and installed Dragon portable, the problem seems to have been fixed. Not sure how, and frankly don’t care how :slight_smile: Just glad it’s fixed.

That is good to hear that it is fixed. :-TU