PingPlotter and Comodo [Resolved]

What do I need to change in Comodo FW Pro v in order for PingPlotter to show the graph of each hop? PingPlotter works fine when I disable Comodo. But when Comodo is enabled, I can only see the graph of the last hop.

Any ideas?


Good example:

Bad example:

Why dont you try using the latest version of Comodo. You have a really old version.

Newer version? Interesting.

When I click on Check for Updates, it says there are no updates available.


I wouldn’t use the internal updater in this case because the version difference is too great:

Download here.

Son of a gun. Well it would be nice if the program notified me of an update. With that feature in my old version, I just trusted what it told me about no updates.

Thanks. I’ll try the new version after uninstalling the old one.

You should always do a manually check in here or at the main site. I do this for any program I have. Just like drivers. Should always have the latest.

I guess so. But when the program offers the check for update option, I expect it to tell me about an update if one is available.

Oh well. I’ll report back here after I install the new version and see if that fixes my PingPlotter problem.

Thanks for the update tip guys. That fixed the problem.

Nice. I’ll close this. IF you need it opened because the issue returns you can pm an online mod to open.