Pinging IP Times Out

My ISP Virgin Meida have been unable to communicate with my modem ever since I got a router. If people ping my IP it times out. In the comodo logs My IP For the router is being blocked, Should I have a rule for my Routers IP? If this is the case would this be blocking pings to my IP Baring in mind i have a white coaxal cable to the modem then network cable to the router then to my PC.

I Take it no 1 can help me :expressionless:

Hey willas00,

Try adding your router’s IP-range to your trusted zone by opening CPF Interface, then click the security tab, click Add/Remove/Modify a Zone, click add and write like ‘Router’ or something, then add your IP-range, possible Also, EXACTLY what does it says in the log?


My router only shows 1 IP it being 192.168..

I also get various diffrent logs for the modems IP. So its hard to say but Im not sure if I should have a rule to allow the router in. I dont know how the router stuff works.