How do i allow my pc to be pingable ? on the broadband site it says that im not pingable.So how can i be pingable but without losing Stealth Mode or making it esaser to sneak in my pc?

To be pingable you have to allow ICMP response packets to unsolicited requests coming in to your PC. You cannot be completely stealthed and pingable at the same time. You can be mostly stealthed and pingable, by opening just the ports for ICMP ping/pong and creating a rule to allow unsolicited requests to the appropriate port, but those ports can’t be stealthed.

Unless you know what you’re doing with firewall rules and TCP/IP ports, please reconsider whether you REALLY want your PC to be pingable from the net.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Well here is something odd, or im not doing something right,

I went to that broadband set and did that tweak thing and when i run cmd/ping and i ping my ip adress it works and stuff, so i went to the network control rules and made a rule to block all activity icmp and when i go to ping my pc it sill worked,I was still able to ping my own pc so is my rules i made not working or whats goin on?

Also is it ok to allow explorer.exe to connect to the internet? (not the web brower [IE])

May I ask why you want, or feel that you should, be pingable? Typically this is a good thing.

Was told that it will help MS (ping) while playing online games.

Yes it is fine for explorer.exe to connect it is part of Windows, also your ping should be fine playing online games even if you aren’t pingable.

Ok, when i type ping in the run box and my ip adress it still is sending packets? If i was not pingable would i be able to ping my own pc?

Im not sure why im still able to ping my own pc but iam able to.

Also i dont know if that web site i was on last night made my pc pingable or if i was always pingable

After changing your rules, wait for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, before testing ICMP ping requests. This is only necessary for ICMP protocol.


Wouldn’t you always be able to ping your own address, regardless of the rules, as it would be resolved to the local address before the rules would take effect? Just curious.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sure. But I think he is trying to ping from another machine.

“Sure. But I think he is trying to ping from another machine” I was and when i tried today i was not able to :slight_smile:

So i guess im ok.