ping test unsecsesful


(:NRD) i use BOClean on my vista sp1 32-bit pc an on my xp pc an i have found no problems as yet.
so i done a shields up test at shields up an the test still said my pc’s has responded to the ping test.
i thourt BOClean stops ya pc responding to a ping, well thats whot it says on the comodo site
at the moment i have no faith in this product untill someone tells me different
all it does is justs sits there an looks prity an flashers

so what does BOClean do?
an how does it help?
does it stop the pings?


The features of BOclean:

  • Destroys malware and removes registry entries
  • Does not require a reboot to remove all traces
  • Disconnects the threat without disconnecting you
  • Generates optional report and safe copy of evidence
  • Automatically sweeps and detects INSTANTLY in the background
  • Configurable “Stealth mode” completely hides BOClean from users
  • Update automatically from a network file share
  • Protects itself from malware tampering or shutdown
  • FREE daily malware database updates from our web site
  • Update file can be shared/pushed on a server for easy maintenance
  • Optional rollback of update to an earlier version
  • Full spectrum malware coverage and protection

BOclean is resident protection against malware (ie. viruses). As such BOclean will not stop a ping as this is network traffic. To protect against pings you need a network firewall - if you require protection I can recommend an excellent Firewall - Comodo Firewall Pro ;D.

Hope this clears things up,


Also if your computers are situated behind a router(which if you have 2 connected is a possibility) then when you do the shields up test it will get a response from the router not your comp.


Hi reddog :slight_smile:

Jim and Matty explained it very well :slight_smile: I think too you are confused between the Anti Malware ( = BOClean ) and the Firewall ( = Comodo Firewall Pro ).

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Quote from reddog yesterday in the CFP section.

zonealarm the free version is way better then this ■■■■

But presumably it allows the pings!

Lol ;D Didn’t see that post :-[ Thank you James :slight_smile:

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