Iv’e thrown every test i can find at this firewall and it passed all with flying colors except, last nite I ran two on line teats. One is “Shields Up” the other is simislr and the results were identical. Pasted below are the test results from “Shields Up”. My questions are, whats the risk do I need to close this port and if so, how do I close it???

Ping Reply: RECEIVED (FAILED) — Your system REPLIED
to our Ping (ICMP Echo) requests, making it visible
on the Internet. Most personal firewalls can be
configured to block, drop, and ignore such ping
requests in order to better hide systems from
hackers. This is highly recommended since “Ping”
is among the oldest and most common methods used
to locate systems prior to further


Just go to network monitor and block incoming ICMP packets. Simple as that.
If you need help with configuration, pls let us know. but it’s quite simple :slight_smile:

Ping attack can only cause you denial of service. It won’t harm your system. Unless you run a web server etc. this shouldn’t be a problem :wink:

also have a look at this

Hi, and welcome to the forum, Eagle 1.

By default, CFP network rules already block incoming pings. If you have a router than Shields Up is actually scanning it instead of your PC. Have a look at these for starters:,2909.0.html,5040.0.html,7292.0.html (this one’s in Italian),7572.0.html (Damitha’s in this one! :D)