Ping issue with steam since installing new version of firewall.

Im running the and while trying to play steam games/css/dods/etc my ping is high,A server which used to be around 20 ms is now at 115 to 120+ms? Yesterday before installing this version pings was fine,and now they are little to high for me. anysettings im missing or something config right, need some suggestions


b[/b]Hi all,

For starters, thanks for a great firewall.b[/b]

I’m having the same exact problem after installing v. My ping is also fluctuating from 100 to 250, when it used to be steady 50ish. I’ve tried all (I think) solutions offered in topics:,463.0.html


Could someone please point a topic where this problem is solved or maybe answer this one?

Assuming that you’ve created rules that only open the ports you need, using the protocol required for the game, the only other thing I can think of is to move the rule up the list. Try moving it to position 0 first and see if this improves your ping count.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Apparently my ping issues were solved by Allowing both steam.exe and hl.exe applications to have both TCP and UDP access On/Out and checking both “Allow invisible connections” and “Skip advanced security checks” in the application window.

Does this impose some kind of threat to my PC’s security?

Thanks, it did help to put the rules past the “Block IP in”, I made for steam :D. But did not fix the ping-issue.