Ping from virtual machine in VirtualBox


Comodo Firewall Pro blocks the ping from virtual machine inside VirtualBox.

I have Windows XP OS on my PC with Comodo FP installed.
In VirtualBox I run Windows 2003 Server (no firewall there).
As the virtual network I use “Host Interface”

I can ping from my machine to the virtual OS - no problem.
When I switch off Comodo, I can also ping from virtual machine to the host one.
But with Comodo turned on, I cannot do it, connection is blocked.
And I don’t know why, Comodo doesn’t report any incoming connection to be allowed or denied, nothing.
I don’t know how to set Comodo to allow ping from virtual machine.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you

Welcome to the forums Talerod,

You need to add a rule under “System” in “Application Rules” and the same rule in “Global Rules”

Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Click add/select/running processes/double click system/Now check “use a Custom policy” then Add.
Now put in the rule Allow(log if you wish)/ICMP/IN/Source address(The server)/Destination address(your pc)/ICMP details(ICMP echo reply)/ APPLY to close all windows.
Now put the same rule in “Global Rules” and place it at the top.