ping.exe problems

well i know ping.exe is not really a dangerous program but just doing some testes.
i downloaded & installed comodo lastest version.
i dident change anything in the comodo settings, ran ping.exe and it did not notify me to allow or block it…
after that i put ping.exe in the banned list without specifing a parent application
ping.exe was blocked but when i ran it from CMD.exe
it did work and comodo did not ask me to block it…
something wrong ??? like i said i did not change anything is the settings.

well anyone ?

Well, I ran into similar problem:

Windows XP/SP2

Trying to ping from DOS window comodo popup-ed and asked me to set the rules for ping.exe. Just out of curiosity I ordered block and remember. But nothing happened. I could still ping anywhere. Even after I stopped and restarted cpf.

Does anyone know, what is the cause of our problems?
Thanks for any hints.

Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous/Configure …
uncheck “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by Comodo”

thats how I have it. Naturally - I said that I got the alert, replied “block” and nothing happened…