Ping and Spybot SD problem!

I use CPF under WinXP SP2.
I have two problems.

  1. My system give an answer to a ping request. I tried an online firewall test page ( Shields up!), and CPF failed the test! How can I finally disable the ping echo answer? My settings current ICMP in&out: blocked.
  2. The Spybot S&D program can update itself, so can connect to the net, and CPF can detect the connection equest of Spybot SD! How can this program connect without my permission?



If you are behind a router then it is this you are testing and not CFP. You should see your router manual on how to set its security setting up. If you are not behind a router, then have you changed any of CFP settings, as by default CFP should provide full protection?

CFP has what’s called a ‘safelist’ database. Files are submitted to comodo which they certify as either safe or as malware. Safe files are automatically allowed to connect to the internet, malware files are blocked and you are alerted to them. You can disable the safelist database so you are alerted to all connection attempts if you wish.


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  1. If you are behind a router, then it is the router that is responding to the inbound requests from ShieldsUp, not your PC. If you are not behind a router, can you please post a maximized screenshot of your network monitor rules.

  2. If you open CFP and click on SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS, there is an option “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”. If this is selected then the firewall will not show alerts for applications that are in the certified applications safelist database. CFP currently has around 11,000 applications in its safelist DB. You could try turning this option OFF and relaunching Spybot and its update module and see if you get alerts.

Hope this helps,
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