Pin the Trusted and Unrecognized Files List to Taskbar - Poll

I’m frequently accessing either the Trusted Files or Unrecognized Files list. It would save a heap of time if we were able to pin those lists to the CIS taskbar.


Unrecognized files list can be accessed by clicking on the number of blocked files on the main screen of the GUI.

Thanks, that makes it a little easier. Unfortunately, clicking on the number for Blocked Intrusions opens the log file.

And what exactly do you want to be opened? Blocked files are located in Unrecognized files. So it’s naturally that only log is open for Blocked files.

Yeah, you’re right, I wasn’t thinking. Blocked files have nothing to do with the Trusted Files List. Oops! :-\

No problem :wink:

It would be nice to be able to pin the Trusted files list though.

Yes to the trusted files list, or at least quick access from the advanced view. :-TU


I’ve voted yes on the principle that Windows software should be designed to make use of Windows capabilities, e.g. Taskbar pinning.

Pinning alone though doesn’t fix the problem of having to click OK everytime you change an item in Unrecognised/Trusted files, which then closes the dialog.

Perhaps my suggestion for an Apply button would help you too, as the Unrecognised/Trusted files windows could then be left open on the desktop if you need to be using it a lot as I often do.

Hi Sicknero,
Just to clarify, the OP is talking about the Taskbar within CIS and not Windows Taskbar.
Adding tasks to the Task Bar

Ah I see. My apologies and thanks for the clarification, I probably didn’t read the OP properly.

This still gets my vote - although with the new Advanced view it is quicker to get to Trusted Files via the Unrecognised Files window, the option of a direct shortcut would certainly be very welcome.

You are welcome and no apology required, it can be easy to confuse the two Taskbars. :slight_smile: