Picture-perfect 340/340 in Leak Test -- thank you, Comodo!

I used to use Outpost Pro for the past 5+ years, but a Leak Test result of only 150/340 got me worried. (I am not saying that Outpost cannot be configured to achieve better results, just that I couldn’t do better.)
I first tried Online Armor (very good, but hides part of the rules from the user). Actually, I was looking for something that gave me about as much control over what is going on as Outpost did – and I found CIS.
Now I have finally gotten around to install and configure it on my spanking new XP SP3 system, then I ran the Leak Test - with flying colors :BNC (:LOV) (:KWL)

I’d like to thank the developers for such an outstanding product, and at such an unbeatable price, too. (:LGH)
If the Leak Test is anything to go by, CIS is perfect (for me at least).
Thank you, thank you, thank you (:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV)