Picture for LA


Saw this pic and thought of you LA(cant put me finger on why ???) Anyway we have a thread for funny photos,what about cool one`s


Thanks Matty, I can see why you though of me. :SMLR

That image is made with Bryce. I even recognize the model of the eagle, since I once looked for 3D models of an eagle. Cool castle I have to say, and well made terrains, but like most 3D images (not the least Bryce images) there is a little lack of life in the scene. It’s a bit barren and monotonous. Otherwise cool!


So can I.

Thats Gandas official smiley, i thought he had exclusive rights on it :a0(love the blood coming out of the nose)

??? huh ??? i don’t get it, you think of LA when you see the eagle pic ??? hmm

anyway, i always think of myself when i look at this pic

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The right side of his avatar (:TNG)

Don’t confuse yourself with CMF’s programmer 88)

I think Ganda has allways been CONFUSED you see a lot of :-* :-* :-* in his? posts ;D

nah, i am brad pitt from “troy”.

anyway, i always think /LA looks like david duchovny (X-files).funny huh?

and here’s 2008 biggest secret==> Kail = alyssa milano ;D

That’s strange, I usually think of myself in the same way. ;D Do you think we are alike?

Where did that come from, you can’t seriously refer to my Richard Strauss portrait in the mods presentation? ???


no way, i’m not a clean freak nerd (:NRD) ;D

huh ??? richard who ???

ok, i googled it, he’s a composer.nah, never heard of it, never cross my mind. nothing.doesn’t have anything to do with david duchovny. :stuck_out_tongue:
well, nevermind, i always think about “president”, when i see the old man picture on “quaker oatmeal” :slight_smile:

LA, you have zero anti-viruses on your PC, whereas Ganda has no less than four. How can you two be similiar?

Now that it’s mentioned, I agree that you look like the quaker oatmeal geezer.

  1. :frowning: it’s mr.president, not me. >:(

  2. i only use 1 AV >:(
  3. i hate you >:(
  4. no brownies for you >:(

Thank you.

One may say I look like someone/something from the X-files:

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I’ll tell the kids in the neighbourhood to skip Halloween this year.