photoshop stopped loading

This is my first post at the comodo forums - so, hi to everybody!!!
Am the admin on Windows XP SP2 have an ADSL connection - slowed to dial-up at present (mean ISP)
I installed comodo firewall v3.0.15.227 about a month ago. Not long after, my photoshop CS2 stopped loading properly. I have no idea what I’ve done wrong, today I tried repairing photoshop & then when that didn’t help I did a fresh install - It still won’t load
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am desperately missing my photoshop.
Thanks in advance
Ps: I am assuming that the firewall has in someway caused this problem as my windows is a relatively fresh install & comodo is the only software that I haven’t used before - & 1 of those allow/deny screens came up just before the problem (can’t remember what I chose…ooops???)

Hello and welcome to the forum, skipadipadoo!

Any Defense+ rules you might have created are listed in Computer Security Policy (Defense+ → Advanced). Check the list to see if there is a rule for Photoshop.exe there. If there is, you can safely delete it.

You should also check the explorer.exe’s access rights there to see if it’s allowed to execute Photoshop.exe (double-click the explorer.exe in Computer Security Policy, click Access Rights, then click the “Modify…” button of the top “Run an executable” row, and check the Blocked Application list).

It would help if you described what happens when you launch Phostoshop.exe. What kind of error do you get?

Thank you so much ;D
I deleted the custom rule I had inadvertantly created & that solved the problem.
I’m very happy to have photoshop back - thought I’d really lost it :cry:
Thanks again
Skip xx :BNC :BNC :BNC