photoshop.exe sandboxed

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I downloaded the lastest trial version of Photoshop CS5 extended from their website, and everything worked just fine, no popups thanks to TVL. But today I installed some updates and after reboot photoshop.exe keeps beeing sandoxed and I don’t no why (I am still in safe mode). After some reseach I went into TVL and clicked “add” and “read signature from a signed file” and I selected photoshop.exe. Then “@Adobe Systems Incorporated.” was added.
So my question is: Why did this update changed the signature of photoshop.exe (I am sure before this update the signature said: Adobe Systems Incorporated (without the dot .)? And my next question is why is this Adobe signature not in the TVL.
PM me if you want this file, i can’t submit it because ti is about 34mb.

Thanks in advance.

That’s DEFAULT DENYtm for ya

Thing is, the file is completely new. But that dot thing is indeed strange. I guess IBM and I.B.M. makes a lot of difference, so is this. Simple, it was not in TVL… :-TU

But I know these updates are not from yesterday they are quite a few weeks old…
So why is this not in the TVL yet?

Indeed a good question… My theory is because of Adobe Systems Incorporated and Adobe Systems Incorporated. difference… But still to take weeks to analyze it, well, I don’t know… :-
Is photoshop working while sandboxed or it crashes?

It appears to work fine, but a bit slow. But in my Defense+ log is full with things it isn`t allow to do.

Can’t help you much other than to wait to be added to safe list by update or you can do it in D+ if it starts having problems…

Another strange thing: I add it to the trusted files, but it gets sandboxed though.

You might want to check this thread…
Add a request… :-TU :slight_smile:

Hi Yoshua,
Adobe uses following digital signatures:

Adobe Systems Canada
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Adobe Systems, Incorporated
Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Some are old some are new. CIS has 2 whitelisting databases: one on local client ( on your computer) and one in cloud. When you run a program, CIS looks first in local database to find signature and if not present searches in cloud database, but for cloud checking it has only a 2 second window to get response. Therefore, sometimes if user has high ping latency on cloud server, responce may come later than 2 sec interval limit and digital signature does not get reflected by CIS client. On every CIS release we move important vendors from cloud to local database as to avoid these issues. “Adobe Systems Incorporated.” was added in cloud database recently during CIS 5.3X version. When CIS 5.4 will be released, this signature will be added also on local TVL and your issue will be solved. Until then you can manually add signature to local database as CIS offers you this option via its GUI. ( path: defense+ / Computer Security Policy/ Trusted software vendors/ add)