Photobucket - nay - everything going to pieces with CFP

Okay, this is my first firewall not counting the Windows standard, so I haven’t had much experience with the interface of one of the ‘proper’ kind.

I have several issues with connecting to the internet and certain sites which must be straightened out, or else I have no choice but to get rid of it - which is a shame because I actually quite like the program.

  1. Since installing CFP, I have never once loaded a full web-page. I use Mozilla Firefox and the loading bar has never gone past 50%. So, even when writing this, there are pictures that are yet to be displayed - notably the whole of the formatting toolbar above this text input box isn’t showing.

It’s a bit of a generalised problem, and yet I can’t find a solution for it anywhere. Any tips?

  1. Photobucket is being peculiar, also. I have tried to upload a selection of photos and they all turn out like this:
    I can’t find any solutions for this, either. Even is these forums…

  2. Youtube is also playing up. It’s really erratic - sometimes playing the videos and other times just displays an eternal loading black box.

Well, that’s all I can remember at this very moment. Thanks for reading and I hope somebody has a way to fix my firewall! =D