Phone trouble

Hello! I’m new here though i have used the great Comodo products for a long time. I use Opera mini atm when i write this cause it seems to work well with my nokia c5. I use also f-secure mobile security. I tested this setup in Grc shield test and results were unexpected(to me at least). It said failed. Phone replied to pings and also that port 22 was open. Pcflank refused to test my phone. It said that there was some problem because of a fw or sumthin else and that my ip could not be scanned. I use also opera mobile and phone’s native browser. The opera mobile is good when tried the grc test, all passes. The native browser fails one test there. I started to use https or secure login after i heard about the easiness to hijack account when not using ‘secure’ login. Problem is when i try to use other than opera mini the secure login at comodo site fails. So should i use opera mini which seems to fail the scan test or opera mobile which won’t work with secure login here? I’m not that great with english language so this might sound confusing. Thanks.

Everything is totally different on a phone