Phishing Protection

Hi there.

I thought that Security in Comodo Dragon would be quite high… However found it to be more open to Phishing than Firefox.

I went on a Phishing site which was flagged as a valid phishing site on and it loaded no problem on Dragon and open with all the fake login boxes all ready for information to be stolen from… However on Firefox I got…

“This web page at paypa1.*****.com has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

Dragon works well and looks quite sexy, however being protected from any attacks is a MUST in a browser and will be switching back to Firefox until Phishing protection (good protection) is enabled.


No browser will protect 100% against stupidity. It just ISN’T possible.

The next version of CD will have improved phishing detection (Different Chrome Codebase). However, no one method is entirely fool-proof. Just be smart about browsing and you will be fine.

What did you do BEFORE such mechanisms existed?