I wonder if there exist any protection against pharming, which is reportedly the future of identity theft and fraud.

And as a side-note, I wonder how good and effective the built-in phishing protection of Firefox is.

There is an anti-pharming extension in Firefox. Netcraft is probably your best for Anti-phishing.

Nothing will be any good for blocking as regards Phorm/Webwise

being tested soon by BT as it`s sits in the ISP Level 7 area.
They claim to profile only opted in users through a randomly generated UID with no digest made of opted out users data streams enabling the opted in to receive targeted advertisments.
From BT (a UK ISP)

, adding the URL to your HOSTS file means your internet connection is effectively broken as the system relies on cookies. This is about all the information anyone
Loads more information @] with 477 pages & 7,144 posts regarding this IMO ISP sponsored malware.