phantom IME toolbar

This is just to report that with CIS 3.5, this IME toolbar bug still exists. No improvement at all since it was reported in December 2007. (I was going to add this post to the existing thread, but there’s a notice in the CFP Bugs forum saying that that forum is now closed.)

This will be the last time I bother to add updates about this bug. If Comodo have any serious interest in the CJK market, they’ll fix this bug. If not, not.

Please, let us know which exactly IME toolbar do you use (attach or give link)

Please see attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I guess he meant installer link.
I’m not familiar in Japanese and therefore can search the tool-bar only in English zone that gives not much.
If you gave the link where we can download the tool-bar or attached the installer itself we could diagnose the problem faster.

As far as I can tell, you don’t need to download anything and there’s actually nothing to download; you just need to activate the IME that comes with Windows XP.

Good instructions are here (starting on page 21):

On page 25 of that PDF file, there’s an English version of the same dialog shown in the image I posted earlier.

Similar info from Microsoft: