PG not noticing Comodo

Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere but I cant seem to find it. Been using ZA (V3 somethingorother - hey, it wasnt broke so…). Thought I’d take Comodo for a spin. Running Process Guard 3.15 also. I’m not having any issues except that cpf.exe runs on its own w/o PG asking for permission! CPF was installed with PG disabled - no problems whatsoever. Config’d CPF, re-enabled PG and rebooted - no log anywhere of PG allowing CPF to start. No even the infamous PG ‘Permit Once (unable to ask)’.

I realize its more of a PG than CPF issue, just wondering if any others have had this occur. Other than that CPF looks nice and lightweight so far.

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I also have Process Guard. I did not experience it not asking me about CPF. When I upgraded between versions, and also the most recent update download, PG asked me about it after reboot.

When I’m installing stuff, I set PG to Learn, then Exit. It doesn’t auto-block that way after reboot, but I have always seen it ask…

Sorry I can’t help more there…


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Not sure what went south with PG - both cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe are running fine, but nowhere to be found in PGs Protection nor Security. Funny cuz I specifically waited so I could set Secure Message Handling on.

You can always manually Add to the Protection list…


Which is exactly what I did LM and added Secure Message Handling.

Just a tad disconcerting that PG didnt ask for permission…

Yes, it is. Have you contacted DiamondCS about it?

I have cmdagent.exe, cpfupdat.exe and cpf.exe on PG free 3.410 ‘Protection’ list, but on ‘Security’ list cmdagent.exe is missing.
I guess it starts earlier than PG protection.
I might have also exited Comodo and then responded to PG popups or it was in learning mode when manually restarting the firewall. Many possibilities why you don’t have a process and others have it listed in PG. No need to worry too much about it.