Petition to reduce CAV database...


Noted. But I don’t think I can now…

you can, ill change it for you

Thank you ;D :-TU

I voted yes, while I’m on a fast FiOS connection so download size doesn’t really affect me, what does is when the updates are installed and this is where the size affects me, the bigger the size of the database longer it takes to install, so anything that could speed that up would be awesome ;D

I agree AimeeLW, when you are fortunate to have a fast connection the install process is what takes the time. :slight_smile:

my moms E-350 is the slowest to update, but is only a 1.6 Ghz dual core beastie with 4Gb of ram, but manages to run CIS v6.1 nicely ;D

While I’m away from Avast Free AV for a while now I’ve been using it for 9 years, and I’m testing the latest CIS version I’ve used their Comodo firewall in the past from v3.14 to v5.5.

I gave my vote Yes :wink: it because I’ve noticed a huge difference between Avast Free v8.0.1489 vs CIS v 6.1.276867.2813 is speed, response, detection and prevent. Avast have been using generic signatures for nearly 4 years instead of the old signatures in the pass, Avast generic signatures total file size is about 85mb is about 4.5 million virus definitions vs CIS Antivirus Database is 142mb is about 19.1 million virus definitions that’s 57mb less between the two. Also on the virus definitions side is 14.6 million less against Avast vs Comodo now that is a huge bloody difference between the two, and this is a huge wake up call for Comodo means get you’re bum out of bed.

IF Comodo doesn’t switch to generic signatures asap their bloody database is going to end up getting to large and sometimes it get very heavy behind the CIS, Avast Free is very light weight and fast easy and controllable behind the computer and online :wink:

they need to reduce the size of data base size files. 8)

if comodo does not reduce the size of their data base then one day it will be impossible to use their cis product because of huge virus signature data base file. they need to change it to the generic signature data base. :o