Petition to reduce CAV database...

Hello to all…

Some users if not many would like to see CAV database reduced for a number of different reasons such as speed, space, download issues, etc.

The idea is to replace old CAV specific signatures with generic ones to improve size among other things. Not to reduce protection over size.

Please vote… Thank you ;D

Just to make it clear to other users, I am assuming that by asking for the database size to be reduced we are not asking that signatures be removed. Rather, we are asking that many of the signatures that currently only detect one piece of malware be improved to powerful generic signatures. Generic signatures are signatures with which a single signature can catch entire families of malware.

+1 Agree, indeed is useful for people with slow internet connection, or limited traffic. So yes a very good idea, you have my support :-TU

Thank you Chiron. That’s correct.

Voted. :-TU

There is no doubt, voted yes :-TU.

Voted yes as well. The database is far too large.

Yup :-TU

Yes, of course. But remember, generic signatures cause many more FPs, so CAV users will have to help Comodo tweak the signatures a bit.

Votes yes…

Along with the issues mentioned in the original post, having more generic signatures also reduces the impact of the product on the system, lowering system resource usage too. It therefore makes the product more responsive and fast…

Someone has voted for “No”. Could you please care to explain why you think so ?

Because the poll and actual question doesn’t mention generic signatues at all, the actual question in the post sounds to me like removing signatures, if the generic signtures are added to the original post and vote changing is allowed, I will change it to yes.

He is talking about generic signatures. I made sure of that in the 2nd post in this topic.

Then that should be added to the actual question and not something that is discovered later on in the thread, one shouldn’t have to read all comments to be able to vote on a poll since the question should have all needed information readily available right there, and in the question it just mentions “reduced” which I assumed to be the actual idea of what reducing is i.e remove signatures, so I voted no. If generic signatures was what the question was about then it should have been mentioned so, I voted for the question that says in the poll, I didn’t vote in the poll for something that is made apparent in the comments, if the actual question had mentioned generic signatures in any way or even made a hint at them then I would have voted yes, now that isn’t the case.


I voted yes for me.


Since they are working to this end, the poll is void. Signature file size will shrink over time. Can’t ask for anything more.

I see this poll as a way of showing Comodo how important this goal is to the end users. Thus, I don’t see it as void.

Out of all ppl SanyaIV you should know what it means… I did add the extra info now in my topic… But sorry for not making this clear… My mistake…

+1. That’s what it’s all about…

It would be nice if you could change the poll so I can change my vote from “no” to “yes” now.