Pestered by "A new version of Comodo..."

I just reinstalled my system, and now I’m constantly harassed by the following announcement:

"A new version of Comodo Internet Security is available.

Please click here to download Comodo Internet Security"

You click, and it takes you to:

And from what I am seeing, you’re just trying to get me to shell out $$$ for the Internet Security Pro 2011.

I have CFP v. - do I need this? If it costs me more money, NO. If I’m not going to buy it, then why pester me constantly? You want your customers to support your product with good word of mouth? This is NOT the way to do it. Right now, unless there’s a way to turn off this ever repeating pop-up announcement, I’ll be uninstalling and going back to the free version of another product altogether.

Welcome, good sir, welcome!
May I please direct your attention to this page, if you please:

As you can see, we have a wide variety of products to suit your needs, from FREE product AV, Firewall or Both to PAID solutions enhanced with WIFI security and backup.
Feel free to look around, I will be here if you have questions or require assistance. :-TU

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums taco_x!

CIS v3 is no longer support and if you wish to receive AV updates then you will need to update to CIS 5.

Comodo isn’t forcing anyone to buy their pro-version nor do they give the user thousand of pop up to do so, like avast and avg. Both of them bomb the user to buy their IS in order to get “full/maximum” protection. I know this from experience.

Valentin N

Wait, what?

I thought you were no longer a Comodo user?
What about ‘dieselman’ ?
Did you get tired of his overbearing smugness?

As for taco-xs question; of course they want to make sure you know that there is a paid
version, but you certainly don't have to buy it.
I think version 3 is from 2008, Comodo is just being helpful by reminding you
that version 3 is way out of date.

Hi . If you notice on that page that the free or paid version is available, it is just the page you would get sent to regardless of whether you are using free or paid. It is just telling you a more up to date version is available than what you are using. I can not remember for certain with that version, but I imagine under Miscellaneous that their would be a location to untick check for program updates if you would like to keep your older version. Kind regards.
Edit- Wording error.


It may be out of date but honestly I must say it is the best pre-cloud/sandbox controle you can have on your system without Comodo being the only weakness in the it’s internet security package. I’m refereing to online truseted malware viruses, cracked TVL, and so forth.

  1. That is correct, I am no longer a Comodo user. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t render assistance to fellow members who use it, right? :wink:
  2. What about him?
  3. He’s harsh sometimes, but overall a good guy, once you get to know him…


I thought you were no longer a Comodo user?


1. That is correct, I am no longer a Comodo user. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't render assistance to fellow members who use it, right? ;)


:-TU :P0l