Personalise the ASA

I think it’ll be all but the word image that will be editable.we’ll have to wait and see

Just a sort of point of order: Some don’t want to use an image of the word… and that feature (the ability to use a text word) is in CAS, no?

You are actually correct about the image option. Personally, I’ll probably run it without ASA and just do the preview in CAS and manually decide which emails I want. The month is 1/3 of the way though so fingers crossed we don’t have to wait long.


Would like the able to turn the message off as well.
Nearly got banned from some noticeboard sites, before i explained it was my antispam software.
In the end i had to rename the files - it was either that or uninstall the program.
So please someone get it fixed.


It is not obvious but you can do this already.

Just choose the policy: ‘only allow digitally signed emails’. Helpfully all else seems to work despite the description of the policy - whitelists, blacklists, QDb pop-ups, QDb timeout alerts.


Still no word from Devs. Will PM Melih (CEO) later on today to find out who’s working on it.


THanks Eric, that’s great.


One extra point on the ASA issue. The more I think about this, the more I think that CAS should provide only guidelines for ASA contents, and the option to include an image of the password. Apart from the pass code image absolutely no standard contents at all.

This would ensure that everyone’s ASAs are different, & so reduce the likelyhood of other organisations spam filters learning to filter out ASAs. This has been a problem for some ASAs in the past.

It would also ensure that people receive more personal ASAs, which most people will be happy to respond to.


Well - in the end i had to uninstall this program.
It seems that i’ve got banned from a number of noticeboards & other websites - and i didn’t even know about it until now…!??
Have sent e-mails to say i’m sorry, but it may take some time to get myself back on.
And have informed them, that this could happen again - with other users.
So am left also wondering, if the tone of the ASA message couldn’t have been a little softer. Or as some people have asked for - the ability to fully edit the message from the start.
I’m still using the firewall - but not the anti-spam…

Sorry you have had so much trouble. We really need the new version Comodo!

The solution is not Rocket Science:

  1. Have a clearly identified ASA-less mode
  2. Don’t have a standard ASA, give people guidelines and make them to draft their own. (Else the ASAs come to be recognised as spam)
  3. Add a browser plug-in which adds domains (& variants) to your whitelist whenever you enter your email address into a domain’s web form
  4. Add the ability to import whitelist entries from sent items as well as contacts


Hi All:

   The next release will contain feature of personalization of ASA. 
   The project plan was suspended but now it will  resume soon.
   Thanks for all supports. (CLY)

That’s very good news for everyone Junhua

Happy to be contacted if the developers want to clarify any bugs reports or wish list items.

I have worked with Lavinia on the CIS team before, so she has my contact details. Otherwise they are available from forums records or by PM.

Good luck

Mouse (Mike)