Personal network logins?

Using Hamachi I just installed and created network and then installed and joined network on all other computers I wanted. Is there a “mode” or a way to do this without registering unique accounts for each client?

I hope I am just missing something here but do I have to have a different log in for each of my own computers I want to set this program up in (which requires a different email address to register)?
I have 7 computers (2 servers, 1 HTPC, 1 laptop, and 3 desktops) I want to setup under a Comodo network. maybe simply creating different user names under that same registered email account?

Hi Dominic78,
I think you may hope “Mulit-logon” at the same time.
thank you for your suggestion, I will discuss with other developer.
if no any potential problem, we will add it ASAP.

I just installed EasyVPN and have the same issue as Dominic78. Is this feature going to be added?