personal messages [RESOLVED]

hello i have just received 4 pornographic messages from DEAN KELLY in my personal messages box also sent to my e-mail address now my wife has seen them and i am in the sh!!! not amused


I got 4 of them too. Don’t know (couldn’t tell) who their from but I’m really disgusted. I hope whomever is responsible is thrown off this forum!!


Yes we are aware of those messages as they have been reported by multiple users. However Melih has taken cafe of them quickly :smiley:


Hey me too, I got that gay p0rn, 4 of them too.

Hi guys,

We are trying to delete all evidence of this ever happening. We are aware of the problem and it has been fixed. Thank you for helping us solve this problem. But unfortunately there are small traces of this event happening due to users posting, what has happened.

I got them too… I couldn’t believe it. Was it an “Inside” job? I’m not very pleased… I am a paying customer… I shudder to think what may happen due to a “mistake”… If this was a prank, I certainly think it’s sick…
and should not be swept under the rug…

I got 4 of them too… deleted them… My son was standing next to me when I opened those messages… not funny… Didn’t expect them in a security site… ???


As Justin has said on other parts of the forum this has now been taken care of.




Modifications to the forums have been made and have already taken effect. You will notice them as you use the forum more and more. This will help a lot on how fast spammers can post and send Personal Messages on this forum.

Hi All

Our forum was just spammed by some scam bags!

Unfortunately this is something that forums are susceptible to. There are few ways of resolving it:

1)moderate every single post (it will be painfully slow for everyone and a lot of work)
2)get Comodo family members to moderate it.
3)put a time limit between posts (90 seconds is what we have set that to now)
I think 2 & 3 is a better solution than 1. This does not stop spam happening again, but hopefully more controllable. We will give that a go and see how it goes!

Sorry about this.


I like #'s 2 and 3 better too, as you said it won’t stop all spamming but it will make it much more controllable for the moderators that way by the time the spammer puts the second post the first one will be gone and eventually/hopefully they will just give up.

Well, it happened again Yesterday, Aug. 1st. Four obscene photo messages but this time directly on the forum! Whatr in the world is going on??


As I have said these things have been taken care of.