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I just switch to COMODO firewall and can-t help to compare…

First Comodo is a great tool, after browsing during hours through several posts, I believe I have my setups more or less secure.

What I’m missing, I had a sort of parental control and personal information control.
An allert when f.i. my last name was used/send in a web page or email, or a part of my address or part of my credit card number.

Does Comodo firewall (or any other product in the Comodo productline) has this feature ?


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Unfortunately CPF does not have these features at the moment. However, I think that I saw at least the parental control on the wish-list. So maybe your wishes will come true in the future.
You might want to post your wishes here:,6883.0.html

Thank you for this quick reply and link.

It’s not that the kids are bad, there are too many bad guys out there.

If I have a tool to protect my kids against those guys I would be ‘secure’.

Thanks again


Hey JMW,
until your wishes will be fulfilled by Comodo you could try this for extra protection.
In additition to your Antivirus programme you might want to install Comodo BOClean (if you haven’t already done this ;)). A very fine programme, light on resources and it provides a lot of extra protection.
If you are afraid your children might “catch” something on the internet you might as well consider running your browser in a sandbox. I haven’t tried it myself as I try do surf “smartly” and don’t the need at the moment. However, its an interesting concept. There’s thread in the forums discussing sandboxes:,5316.0.html if you want some information about the concept. Here’s a link to a supposedly very good free sandbox: It has very good reviews.

What’s more, you can block certain sites with Comodo Firewall but you’d have to create a rule for every site you want blocked which is not doable, I guess.

You could also google for parental control. You’ll find some programmes that can block “evil” sites.

Your browser might also be able to block sites with a certain content (IE can do it but I don’t know how efficient it is. Firefox and Opera do not offer this feature I think).

Hope this helps.

Also, if you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s not a solid fix, but you can enable their content advisor and password-protect it.

I’m sure there are options for other browsers as well (that’s the only one I’m familiar with off the top of my head).


PS: Based on your descriptions, it sounds like you’ve used TrendMicro’s PCCillin Internet Security… :wink:

EDIT: OOPS! I should’ve read Grampa’s post more thoroughly… he already mentioned the browser stuff! :-[