personal firewall says my hardware is pentium and it isnt

hi there my hardware is a amd and the firewall says its a pentium and it isnt anyway to change that? or will it hurt anything should i just ignore it. please help seams to be working a ok.

Yes… I notice that weird bug on the first day I run CPF.
It’s just another cosmetics, and I believe it’ll do no harm to your computer in any other way.

…rather than seeing “one-no-good-information” (especially I don’t see how it related to the CPF function in any way), I really like to see what’s the last traffic (or current) on my network, and maybe a log tab too.

Wow glad to see somone els hase it to i wonder why it dose that and if there is any whey to fix that maybe makers can make a patch that would be great.

I don’t think that’s necesary.
I even encourage the Dev’s to take this “feature”(?) off. …as it has nothing to do with CPF’s core function in any way.
…you can simply right-click at “My Computer” icon and choose “Properties” for the exact info.
…if they (CPF’s Dev) can move the “LOG” section to this area (front page), everyone will be more than happy to save away they’re “4-step routines” + additional seconds for the display, to get to the REAL info they need to; from a Firewall.

I agree and with it reporting wrong info for amd whats the point of it beeing there i just ignore it all works ok and am happy with it.