Personal Firewall Praise


Let me just say what a great piece of software Comodo Personal Firewall Pro is. (Where have you been all my life??) I am a Network Admin/Computer Consultant and do builds and home networks for friends and referrals from time to time, and have been for years, installing on their machines the best free firewall that was out there for so long, ZoneAlarm. But- it was a resource hog as each version was released, and in some cases, interrupted or interfered with other processes, etc. (including certain ISP features, like PowerBoost from Comcast, for instance.) My own subscript. to ZA was up next month so began a search for a better software firewall.
In the Security forum on, Comodo was rated by fellow geeks and IT pros as The Best (and most widely used) by that demographic. So I checked it out.
It’s lean, low-profile, but still does what ZA did, and actually more. I love the Network Traffic feature, very well designed and explanatory.

I will certainly be spreading the word to my customers and will use a logo in my emails to them to advertise it as well. And, if Comodo ever went to payware instead of being free (it being free is still too good to be true!)-I’d gladly pay for it.

Thank you fibernut…