[Personal Firewall] Pop-Up menu in Network Monitor

I would like to request a feature. Popup setup of the rule in Network Monitror.
Pop-up menu I’ve displayed in attachmnet.
I would be very very glad to see souch feature in next firewall releases :slight_smile:
As for me, I have an Apache web-server installed. Sometimes I need to make it public, but most of time I need it to be hidden from world wide.
So I have rule, that blocks access to 80 port of my computer.
And to open it I have to go to Edit Rule dialog. But I’m lazy :slight_smile: That’s why I will be glad to see souch a popup option there :slight_smile:

btw, your firewall is the BEST! I’ve used alot of them, but few month ago I’ve seen Comodo Personal Firewall, and now I’m with it FOREVER!

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