Personal Firewall Installation Causing "NT Authority\System" Shutdown

I just updated CIS with a firewall-only installation on a Thinkpad R500 running XP Pro SP3. The last version kept annoying me with update available messages and then failed to update so I finally got around to manually uninstalling the previous version after downloading the newest from the web site. When the system rebooted after the install I got several memory reference errors and a 60 sec timer with a forced shutdown (that hangs).

After a couple of attempts I booted into safe mode to uninstall the firewall but Comodo now uses the windows uninstall utility which doesn’t work in Safe Mode (nice feature!). Last good configuration simply shuts down.

I’ve turned off CFP in msconfig and although it didn’t load I now get an “unknown hard error” or a “fatal system error” blue screen that goes by too quickly to catch the code.

Needless to say, I’m not happy. Anyone have any suggestions?

You most likely have one of the 3 following situations, from a conflict between the 2 versions:

-temp exe installations files loaded at eeach reboot: chek (and delete) temp directories
-run/runonce sections calling comodo in the registry: manually search and delete every comodo reference in the registry, particularly at: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
-and, most likely, some left over drv or sys file still loadind comodo and hanging the computer.
such entries, in C:\WINDOWS\system32\driver, are at least cmdguard.sys, cmdhlp.sys, inspect.sys

Don’t forget to disable windows restore, or to delete therein the said files.

Brucine, Thanks for the suggestions. I did all of these and a little more and still blue screen.

I’ve started a fresh OS install and I should have a new image in a few hours and the system customized for my use in a day or so (not full time, but significant investment of time). I’ll find another firewall solution that is reliable.

Manually removing can be a dodgy thing to do. Run this clean up tool in Windows safe mode and then boot to Windows again. Does that help?