Personal Firewall Activation, Migraines and no Demerol

Comodo Personal Firewall, Activation Issues and Customer Service:
When I initially installed the firewall, the activation code never showed up. I know email can sometimes be delayed, but having waited 3 days, I emailed support. They asked me to try again using a different email. I did. Same story. I finally called them and someone sent me an activation code. Go to activate and lo and behold: an error message: Error -2146697211. I screen saved the error message and sent it to tech support TWICE and have yet to hear from them. I have tried shutting down all my spyware and virus software and allowing all through the firewall. That didn’t work either. As nice as the product is I’m ready to throw my hands up, the software out and let everyone on my email lists about this experience. No one needs this kind of headache.

~ Midnite Rider

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We are getting some activation issues, error code like -2146697211 is one of them.

We have made certain fundamental changes in activation module and trying to comeup with a beta version with some other changes this week.

So all the users who faced issues with activation can try the Beta copy and let us know their experience and depending on their feedback we will place in our release version that is also planned this month.

I am sorry that you are disappointed with the support, but we really have a great volume of support mails and sometime it just takes a little while to get back. We will try to improve as much as we can.

Please bear with us for licensing issue, we will sort it out soon.

Same problem.
I can think of more interesting activities than battling with activation issues.

Why would a free product need activation anyway?
You’re not planning a bait-and-switch scheme, are you?

thanks so much for posting your troubles, i have the same problem and never did get any results, i have to admit tech support did try to help me, but no activation code i used will work, I get the same error message, my thoughts —why do you have to activate free software? Oh and by the way, my activation codes never showed up in my emails either, the ones i used were given to me by tech support, not sure why that is the only mail i never received, even checked the spam folders. Hopefully all this gets worked out


The firewall is now, and will always be, free. No up-sell, no Pro version - just free. Their objective is to create a suite of secure desktop products to enhance confidence in e-commerce at the consumer level, thereby increasing demand, which should increase demand for their High Assurance SSL certificates. This is where Comodo make their real money, not the desktop products but with the certificates and their other commercial ventures.

Yes, they are having intermittent issues with activation, but in their defense, intermittent errors are the worst to fix. They are working on it. Please bear with them until the come up with a solution.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Ewen,

I was just wondering, why have activation at all for a product that is supposed to stay free forever?

Perhaps I can explain

We need a way of knowing the success of the product. There are many ways of doing it. As you might be aware our background is, Digital Certificate Authority. We are world’s second largest Certificate Authority. And we decided that the best way knowing your success is to measure number of installations. So we said, why not have a digital certificate based registration so that we can measure the success of the product by knowing how many users actually install the product! That’s how it was born!

We are more than happy to listen to other methods our users might suggest that would allow us to measure the success of the product.


why not do away with activation and have a register now button , when you open the software, why register, you have to register to get updates, just a thought, but looking around the forums, some people have troubles with the activation but i didn’t find any that had trouble with updates

Hello Melih,

You are probably more interested in the number of copies in active use than installations.
Since CPF supports auto-upgrade, you could track upgrade requests.

Interested in both.
but its more difficult to know exactly no of active users.

The major issue I have with the activation

The major issue I have with the activation problem is this: what happens when the “trial” period is exceeded and the product is not activated? Will the firewall cease to function? Will I have to uninstall and reinstall? Will it ■■■■■ with my system? These are valid issues that have yet to be answered.

The product continues to function. MidniteRider, what you must understand is where Comodo is coming from. We will NOT let your security lapse! Just because you haven’t registered within 30 days we won’t turn your PC into an easy target!

after 30 days (dunno for what reason you would not register as its free for lifetime) cpf just keeps asking you to register, thats all.


My last post regarding the license activation problem was on July 4th, slightly over a month ago. I now have activatoin reminders popping up frequently (and I use frequently as an understatemtn). It’s annoying and frustraiting, particularly when working with a train of thought that you really don’t want to lose by getting sidetracked. Is there a workaround, a fix, an update, a replacelment version, ANYTHING to fix this ■■■■ problem??? If so, please let us know. I’m sure there are others who are experienceing the same fate and there are probably some who’ve already said F*** it! and removed it from their systems. I figure I’ll give it another month, after that Comodo and their products be ■■■■■■, I’ll not use or purchase any products whether it’s security online certification or a firewalll.

Just my thoughts.

Just re-reading your reply here it occurs to me that by using a digital certificate you will be tracking our progress over the internet. Although this seems to be a good firewall, this activation process is the one that deters me from installing it. I really see no need for it unless you are using it as a form of spyware or other purpose.

And a digital certificate is going to track your progress over the internet how???

Could it possibly be that Comodo are simply COUNTING the number of activation codes sent out?

I’ll bet it those ■■■■■■ digital certificates. I vote we go back to the anologue ones. At least they had knobs and dials you could twist to turn down the trackiness. :smiley:

We could always type softer - then they’d never hear us. :wink:

Meanwhile, back in the real world …

Well, I don’t know, but I don’t know how viruses work - doesn’t stop them existing.

My thoughts were that if you were to go to a Comodo certificated site it might be able to see it that way. There has to be some correspondence between the two site and you have a uniquely identifiable number.

Problem is that I plain do not understand their financial model, and why do they insist on this activation process. I can understand them wanting to know how many are being used, but the program could be thrown away the next day. So there has to be some form of feedback going on. I would have thought that it would be far more important to know how many were still installed after say 30 days. Then it could just be code issued in the way that many software companies use.

You should perhaps read Melih’s reply earlier in the forum. I am just a typical user on Comodo and in no way do I get paid for my ideas, help, or anything else and in fact , I am just a person who uses Comodo like you. Just for record, I am getting A+ certification this year as well. That said, the certificates are not tracking your usage on the internet. There is no catch , no burdon. If I had the slightest idea that there was, and I will be honest, I was suspicous also, but came to see that it’s all legit. I for one understand being concerned, this is normal. However, why does Windows need activation when you pay 300 dollars for their OS? Why WGA? They say piracy, understandably but they are in the middle of a lawsuit for scanning our pcs a bit too much. One thing I have learned, just because you PAY, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting scammed or looked into. All I can say is, I trust Comodo 100%. And if you stick around the forums, you will see the actual reasons, help, etc…behind Comodo.

I just wanted to note, you say you don’t understand how this all works, so why make an assumption that it is spyware then? I understand not all can be all knowledgable in the digital world, but please understand, if you don’t know, then why make ANY judgement at all? All i’m saying is stay around and give it a chance, as you will learn as you go. I truly hope this helps you a bit. :slight_smile:

Take care


I would understand being frustrated, but many of us typical users, like me, haven’t had a stitch of trouble with Comodo. It could in fact be a bunch of garbage on your computer causing the grief, preventing Comodo from running \activating correctly and understand, I can only take someone’s word for it as purposly try to slam products , not saying you are you understand. Why get so mad at Comodo? It’s FREE either way and works for the MAJORITY of us. What I am saying is this, you are a minority right now which to me suggests a problem on your system, a setting, bad program, extra firewall, something . This is MY opinion and not Comodo’s as I am just a user on here. <<I do suggest this, when activating, make sure you are set to ALLOW ALL as due to some settings, this will in fact block the activation.>> Comodo has good people here and given half the chance you may enjoy the forums and your firewall. That’s all I ask, give these guys a chance, they will help and you will enjoy the products when your problem is solved. :wink:


If you read the threads going back some, you’ll notice I am NOT a minority and that there were others who had the SAME problems. Yes I have tried to allow all, I’ve tried to uninstall, reboot and reinstall, I’ve tried everything suggested and nothing seems to work. To suggest that I am merely “slamming” a company/product to get my rocks off is somewhat of a rude, insult, particularly to a 51 year old since I have much better things to do than “slam” companies that I somehow wake up one morning and decide to slam out of the blue. If I didn’t have the ■■■■ problem I wouldn’t have posted about having the ■■■■ problem. Maybe you might take the time to look at the previous posts I’ve made on this thread. I repeat, I am NOT the only one with the ■■■■ problem.

PS: Take your cheers and shove 'em. It’s like the phrase “Have a nice day.” People say that and I’d like to rip their head off and S*** down their throats. Have a nice day? Cheers? When you have the problems that some people have? Ha!