Permissions lost in *TEMP*

I have never had this issue before.

In version 3.14.130099.587 x64 running on Windows 7 x64.

This just happened, just in the last couple of hours.
All of a sudden I started getting Errors poping up.

  • Recycle Bin corruptions, in all HDD’s
  • Log Files can not load cause of lack of permission to load in Temp folder set.
  • Any download links can not be taken cause of Temp folder permissions not allowed.
  • Checked the Temp Folders/Files properties and No Permission to view Permission-Auditing-Owner-Effective Permission, info.

Each of these glitches caused system failures in minor operations.
My next attempt was to restore system to last point, BUT, pop-up stated that file “sfi.dat” could not be restored or changed.
So I Un-Installed Comodo, and now everything is back to norm, without re-doing the restore point.

I am About to re-Install Comodo 3.14.130099.587 x64 back on My system.

Any Ideas that could cause this???