Permanetly hide traybar icon and alerts

Ok this will sound stupid, but how will I be able to access BOClean Menu when there will be no traybar icon to right click on?

The only way I can access the Menu now is through traybar icon.


Hi PiCo :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to access the BOClean menu.

The fifth checkbox is ALSO DANGEROUS. Marked "Permanently hide traybar icon and alerts", this option will allow you to completely hide BOClean from the screen and the end user. This option will also hide trojan warnings on the machine in question and set BOClean so that if malware is found, it will be quietly killed and removed without any indication to the end user that malware had been found and eliminated. This option is particularly useful for sites who do not want their end users to know that malware is being silently defeated and that BOClean is on the job. It is also HIGHLY recommended for unattended sites as it will suppress ALL on screen information, rendering BOClean invisible. [b]Because the traybar icon and BOClean screens are hidden by this option, selecting this will also make BOClean's configuration screen unavailable to the end user and should be carefully considered.[/b] As is the case with the "hide configuration" checkbox above, a warning will be delivered that this option is irreversible from BOClean's configuration and the option is given to cancel this mode if selected. The fourth and fifth items, selected together are the recommended configuration for unattended servers. However these two checkboxes [b]are *NOT* recommended for personal use of BOClean.[/b]

From here :

So you should not use this option :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

There use to be an information thingy when you clicked “hide tray icon” which mentioned something about having to edit the Boclean .ini file in order to undo that option.