Permanently Ignore

How to undo permanently ignore?

I couldn’t find where CMS keeps permanently ignore items. I dont know if CMS gives the option permanently ignore for malware items too but I clicked on permanently ignore for backup, unknown sources & USB debugging, now how to undo it?

Are you referring to items the AV has been told to exclude / not scan?
Go to Utilities, AV, select Trusted. Remove them from there.

I did a health check & got 3 probs, backup, usb debugging & unknown sources & for all the 3 I selected permanently ignore. I know how to manually do these stuffs & was just checking CMS functions so that if find suitable I will install it on my bro’s phone.

I think trusted lists is for FPs & not for the above mentioned items, right? But I checked trusted lists & its empty.

Now if I want health check to again inform me about the above mentioned items how to do it? As I selected permanent ignore & cannot find a way to undo. Subsequent health check doesn’t find any probs.

By the way, John, you are the only one who reply in CMS thread, even the Devs ignore CMS thread, hope CMS is used by many.

Thanxx for your precious time & support.

I don’t get the option to ignore, simply process, of which I ignore.
Backup is simply you have not created a backup with this app.
Unknown Sources is simply you have in your settings allowed apps to be installed from sources other than Play Store.
USB Debugging is turned on in your settings. (apps such as TB require this setting).
What version of CMS are you running? It sounds more like you are running an older version.
Personally, it is safe to ignore these (permanently).
I reran Health Check. It found an updated app I trust. Adding it to the list makes it seen in the trusted list.
I do not process the three above items. I keep regular backups (TB and Nandroid) and my settings are as I need them.
And yes, thousands use this security app.
Most use the basic features and see no issues to report.

:slight_smile: We will fix it.

What you will fix?

When you click on process you get 3 options, fix it, ignore once & ignore permanently.
What is TB app?
I am running CMS V1.5 on Samsung S Duos
You mean an updated safe app was detected as malware & you added it to trusted list & it was there in the trusted list, right? This is correct as you added it to trusted list & it was there in the trusted list.

The things I have mentioned are settings/options & not apps so I think its correct they will not appear in trusted lists.

I think they should have a section where we can undo the things I have mentioned. And I guess Dev is talking about that by saying we will fix it.

TB is Titanium Backup (I purchased the pro key).
This is a highly recommended utility app.

Thanxx for all the info.