Permanently allowing user interface modifications per application

Is there a way to permanently allow a specific application to modify the user interface of any other application?

The reason I’m asking is because of my Logitech MX Revolution mouse. It comes with a software called SetPoint, which allows per-application customization of the mouse’s buttons (think having different key mappings for different games). This means that SetPoint causes Comodo to alert of a user interface modification for every single application, because SetPoint inserts itself between Windows and all other software.

Additionally, checking the “remember this rule” box only applies to the current Windows session - after rebooting, all UI mod warning are reactivated.

Naturally, I’d like to be able to allow SetPoint to always modify the user interface, regardless of which application is being launched. If this isn’t possible now, it’s definitely a wishlist item - having to answer UI modification alerts constantly is starting to get annoying, so for now I’ve had to turn the feature off completely.

Have you tried this yet?

Security > Application Monitor > Edit the rule in question > Miscellaneous tab > Enable Skip advanced security checks

Hey, that worked! Thanks.

I’ll have to admit it was a bit counter-intuitive, though, because the rule in question wasn’t automatically created. I’m guessing this is because it’s not a network activity rule as such, because SetPoint doesn’t access the Internet at all. I had to create the rule manually, then choose “Ask” as the criteria action.

This process might be a bit more intuitive if, for example, there was an option to not choose anything in the action drop-down box. It sounds odd considering Comodo is a firewall program, but if it’s doing application protection too, this should be an option.

I don’t quite understand the part about changing to “Ask” - if it’s selected it should CFP should be alerting you everytime the said program attempts internet connection.

If you mean x program tries to modify the UI on y program, but x doesn’t actually connect to the internet, then I can see that you would want some option available on this specific alert-type so that it auto-creates an Application Monitor rule like that you had to manually do?

When creating a new rule, there are three options for network access, Allow, Ask and Deny. But there’s no “Blank” option. I don’t want to decide anything about the application’s network access at all, I just want to allow UI modifications.