Permanently add program to Trusted applications - app often updated by provider


I am new to forum so I would like to thank a lot for great program and this community. I have search over the forums but somehow I did not find what I am looking for.

I am an admin of 4 computers for one family (my family friends). They are using CIS (Comodo Internet Security) as a protection againts malware and all the “scarry stuff”. One of the computers has one application which is used for education purpose needed by student on high school. That program is an accounting program for small and middle sized companies (some Slovak local development, but often used). CIS (or Defence+) identifies application executable files as a possible scams. So I marked them as a Trusted applications. I can see them in the Defence+ settings as a Trusted applications (all of them). When program starts and running everything works as it should. Because it is an accounting application there are a lot of updates during the year (4 updates within last month period). Provider will send an update on CD for that accounting program. Update is done via installer so all files except user data and company accounting databases, are overwritten with the new updated files. Everytime I make this update procedure I have to add application executable files to the Trusted applications list because Defence+ will mark them again as possible scam because those files were changed by update procedure. Finally - I have a question: Is there any way how to avoid such problems after update of that particular application? Is there some option or procedure how to add some specific executable file as permanently trusted application?

Thank you in advance for some suggestions. Thanks a lot.

I guess you should mark them as installer/updater instead of trusted. Try this. And wait for the experts here to give you proper solution if it doesn’t works.


Hi trizzo,

You should in Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Sandbox Settings enable :
Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the Sandbox
Automatically trust files from trusted installers

This way, CIS will continue to treat your application as trusted even after update.

Does the maker of the software digitally sign their applications? Then you can add the publisher to the Trusted Software Vendor list.