Permanent cache needed badly

I have a what i’d consider a high end PC (Core i7 920 @ 3,8GHz, 6GB RAM and 2TB WD caviar Black) and every time i reboot it,scan cache gets reset.
Which is very annoying since it makes my PC crawl or lag when i open Programs and Features or run Steam client. And HDD is going nuts while i do that. But if i use avast!, once i make a full scan, it hardly makes any drag to my system. Now i know CIS uses session caching using Stateful inspection, but this gets reset on every reboot. Where avast! for example has both, transient cache (same as stateful in CIS) and a permanent cache that doesn’t get reset on reboots ans which simply skips the whitelisted or signed files making it ultra fast. When will Comodo use such system?

will this be improved in version 6?

I hope so.
Melih has said that real-time system logging enabling on-demand reversal of every change made by legit or malicious applications will be in CIS 6.1. Post-session logging of scanned safe files should be a doddle by comparison.

Answered here -;msg611940#msg611940

Hopefully CIS6 will bring exactly what you are looking for.

Ewen :slight_smile: