Perlbal and InstantSSL Certificate

I am trying to set up a Comodo SSL certificate with my site (a Ruby on Rails site running on Perlbal load balancer and Mongrel). Apache2 is also installed on the machine, but I am not sure whethr it is being used, or whether Perlbal itself serves as the Web Server.

I added the configuration for the the issued certificate in /etc/perlbal/perlbal.conf It seems to work fine on most browsers (IE, Safari) but on Firefox I get an error - some thing like ‘Certificate issuer is invalid or unknown’) and it give me the option to ‘Add an exception’. The certicate that I obtained from Comodo was for Apache using mod_SSl, since there is no option to obtain a certificate for Perlbal.

Anyone has experience settting up ssl on perlbal? Help?


This caused that the intermediate certificate has not installed properly.

So configure the bundle certificate properly and restart webserver.