Periodically deleting all program privileges

I changed from ZoneAlarm about one year ago. I’m not a techie, but the reviews said that Comodo was the superior firewall. I’ve had no problems with Comodo.

With ZoneAlarm, I deleted all the program entries every 2 months, or so. One reason was to guard against any program having a higher privilege than it should have (possibly because I was too lazy or drunk to read the message). A second reason was to clean out the entries for any programs that I no longer used (mainly free trials).

  1. Can anyone see any advantage or disadvantage in deleting all entries periodically?

  2. If I do this in Comodo, is it likely to cause any problems (apart from the pop-up appearing every few minutes after the clean-out)?

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Cleaning out should be fine and there shouldn’t be anydraw backs, Just the pop-ups.

There is a feature in CPF3 to delte invalid rules " Purge" See attached picture.

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  1. Yes I see an advantage: You are deleting privileges of programs that could be risky, or even worse malware… By deleting privileges regularly you are starting from scratch and you can reorganize everything again, like a second chance…

The disadvantage is ofcourse you always have to start from scratch even if you do not really want set something up again which you have done a lot of times before, a solution could be to create a back up of the things you really want to keep from changing…

  1. I do not see any problems with your method and the firewall, but a good alternative is ofcourse like KYLE says: Use the purge button if you only want to delete unvalid stuff, like trials as you mentioned before…

Thanks to Kyle and triple x for their helpful comments.

You’re very much welcome (:HUG)

It was a pleasure helping you and make you feel better! (:WIN)