Perhaps Comodo is blocking my IE from displaying...


I’m very new at using Comodo so please bear with me…I can be a bit slow…

A family member answered a question from Comodo about blocking a certain file and the response given was “yes”. Since then we’ve been unable to access the Internet.

When I looked under Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy, iexplore.exe was set to “custom policy”.

Then when I looked at the Defense Events, it showed that these files were limited (among others):

Program Files\SGPSA\ie3sh.exe

Would any of these limitations have caused our problem?

I honestly don’t know where to look…any help would be deeply appreciated!

Thank you so much!!

Sttray and wltray look probably benign from a Google search. Check them via CIMA (see D+ FAQ) to check my conclusion. If OK put in my safe files.

Ie3sh.exe being sandboxed could be causing your problem, but some think it malware. Proceed with caution. Maybe check via CIMA - the the D+ FAQ for how to interpret results. Probably better to wait for a malware expert in these forums.

Is there anyone out there?